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Tyler Olmsted Communicating

So far, classes have seemed too easy to me. I should have known that the lessons would kick into high gear at some point. I recently experienced why you should never procrastinate. Last night I was swamped with every kind of homework. Never have I felt so academically stressed, and it was simply because I didn’t take earlier time to do the work. Luckily, I was able to power through the pile of papers until it was practically morning. I made it to classes the next day and was kind of able to pay close attention. Anyway, that whole night of the bottomless homework really kicked my butt, and showed me that college work is no joke, and you do still have to try your hardest and be diligent about it. Here’s hoping I don’t let the pile stack up quite like that again!

Tyler Olmsted, ACP 101-99,

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