First Year Seminar

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Social Justice Interview
  1. “Why should members of a university community think and talk about what social justice is?”

~~~”It speaks light into the depression, if no one talks about it, it will constantly get looked over.”~~~

2) “What social justice issues are most important to you? Thinking about the issues that matter to you, please give us a one or two sentence definition of social justice.”

~~~”Equality in a Social context, just is freedom, liberation. So put the two together.”~~~

3) “From your perspective, who is responsible for creating socially just living conditions?”

~~~”I think that everyone is responsible to their own to a degree but the more power you have to be able to speak out about it and reach more people, the more you are responsible, because if you look past it, you might as well say it’s okay.”~~~

4) “What specific ways of acting do the most to create social justice, in your opinion?”

~~~”I think there are two ways… 1 way is by you personally and what you do, basically if you think there is a lot of hunger on, you need to try and do something about it as in a soup kitchen or canned food drive… some type of work. 2 is by speaking out to most that do not know what is going on. When you soeak you have to back it up.”~~~

5) “Do you think Social Justice is shown here at Roosevelt? If so, how”

~~~”Big time, because everything that is going on in the political sense, Roosevelt is all for it. They promote different things and are advocates about speaking out.”~~~

6) “In what ways could we improve Social Justice here at RU?”

~~~By being more involved as far as holding more people accountable and to speak with whatever concerns they have on their mind.”~~~

7) “Have you done anything to improve Social Justice?”

~~~”Yes, I’ve spread the word plenty of times. I try and tell people they are free.”~~~


— 4 months ago
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